Woman At Home

I read another blog about homemaking today with the best vintage illustrations and was reminded about one of my favorite books, Woman at Home and how it gave me just the encouragement I needed when I was in my early twenties, listening to my conscience, rocking a little colicky baby all day and night, and the only homemaker I knew. It’s probably out of print, but worth looking for.
So now it’s not only acceptable to choose to stay home, but a bit of a movement. Whatever. I don’t care so much about brandishing a label to define myself; however if I did, “Homemaker” would be right up there with “Child of God” at the top of my list.
Thought I’d lookup some of my family’s images of home life: moments that are hard to have when we’re too busy for one another. And I get that this isn’t necessarily caused by working outside of the home or remedied by staying at home all day. I have known plenty of people who are home but not really “there.” At times, I’ve been that person. I so want to be mindful, thoughtful of my husband and children. If I lose sight of this and start focusing on myself, my desires, or just put one foot in front of the other to pass thru each day like the last, I’m just moving through time, not making a home.
Besides, sharing the work and play of each day is happy fun time!

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