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Wildflowers and Honeycomb

This is Wildflowers and Honeycomb by Olivia Villereal.  You may know her as This Handmade Life on instagram and Ravelry.  Yes, it’s that Olivia, the one whose crafty photos always seem like the softest, most serene place to curl up and knit for the day.  Then you put your phone down and grimace at your watery iced coffee that’s leaving a ring and at the rest of the chaotic mess in which you live.  It’s nice to have a mental escape.

Now that I’ve made learning to knit socks a priority, I’m going to knit them, whether I enjoy it or not.  But I did enjoy making these.  The second sock was no less interesting than the first.  I already mentioned the new techniques I picked up in the process.  Well, this kind of toe was one of them.  It sort of swirls to a close.

And then there’s this perfect, finished pair of socks that I can’t imagine christening with the first wearing.  Good thing they’re going into the Box o Sox for a while.  By the way, I’ve got to get that box.

The little eyelet pattern combined with this colorway from Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn makes a sweet, old-fashioned looking sock, so I took these photos in our sweetest, most old-fashioned room.  The spare room is where I put a lot of my grandmother’s furniture and a few of the paintings she gave me.  It’s a restive, serene place.  It’s also become the kitten’s room, since she can’t go through the night without waking us up with her antics.

Details:  I don’t really have much to say about this pattern, other than love, love, love.  I guess I should mention that I usually cast on 56 stitches for my own socks and this calls for a few more, so I made sure to use a size 0 needle to get a sock that fits.

This is the neatest slip stitch heel I’ve ever done.  I think that I really studied the photo while picking up my stitches for the gusset and so instead of picking them from the very edge, I went a stitch inward.  It made all of the difference for a smooth transition.

This colorway, and the mini skein for the heels, came together in a Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn Sock Adventures pack, just in time for the RSBSYSummer Knit-along 2016, in case you’re wanting to try them.  They may still have some because the knit-along will last through August.  This combo is killing me.

Check out the other beautiful Wildflowers and Honeycomb socks knit up in RSBSYarn in the ravelry thread and on instagram.

(more on my ravelry, kollabora, instagram, and flickr)

I noticed that Olivia has another sock pattern out for free on ravelry that makes use of sock leftovers for crazy striped socks.  I think I’ll have to make that happen.

My other post on these socks is here.

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