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Two Accessories in the “Before” Stage

I mentioned that I got stuff in my last post.  One of these giveaways was on Katie Canavan’s blog for enough yarn to knit her Scallop of the Sea clutch, and it’s just in time for the knitalong.  When the Holla Knits Accessories Issue came out, I knew I’d be making this one, even though I have enough yarn now to knit half of my queue.  I was relieved from having to make a decision in this moral dilemma of whether or not to buy more yarn by winning it in the giveaway.  And look at the extra goodies she sent with it.

I’ve been working on Georgia, which I had to reknit in the smallest size to get the right fit, and was getting a little tired of stockinette sleeves in fingering weight; so this quick project will be a nice change of pace.  I do still need to find material and a zipper, though.

I decided to do another quick group knit to make Black Swan, by Tara Shade, since I found an old thrift store sweater (below) I meant to recycle for wool years ago.  It still has the tag and is like new, so I’ll have to get busy pulling it apart and washing it.  But, again, no yarn was added to my hoard.

I’ll be making these with a clear conscience.  When I’m not making them, I’ll be working on Henri, because I want an oversized, cabled sweater for the winter.

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