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Scratch One Off

Well, I can scratch one thing off of the list: I did treat and paint my patio furniture.  
(day 151)
The set was already neglected when I bought it at a Nacogdoches flea market.

I used about 2 1/2 cups of my brother-in-law’s Corroseal, (thanks!) painted on in a fairly thick layer to stop the rust,

then lots of rustoleum enamel in Fern,

(day 157)

They were a neat retro pattern for cheap replacement cushions, but I made the mistake of buying them before buying the paint.  There just wasn’t much choice in outdoor enamel.  I went with green, and like it, just not with these cushions.  I ordered these instead.  They’re kind of plain, but bright and will look nice with the awning fabric I want to put up.

Besides, I’m the boss of this project- I reserve the right to change my mind.

(day 158)

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