Our First Camper

We finally tried out our pop up camper this weekend.
The verdict: We loved it.

Okay, so it looks a little like the eighties died in here, but that’s what the sewing machine is for.
And the whole “close quarters” and “clean as you go” concepts need to be re-enforced a little, but overall I think the kids had good memories made.

We really did just take it on faith that everything would work out. We got there in the dark and just prayed it would crank up okay. It gave my husband a tough time, but he got it and we collapsed in the beds.

(365 Day 89 Photo)

And we definitely got sleep. Sleeping til 9, naps, and more naps.

All this lazy time gave us a chance to read some books together like this and this series.

We got to hike and run a few trails.

Got to use Papaw’s cane fishing pole.

And my son got to see an alligator.

(365 Day 90 Photo)

Almost got in a few fights over uno.

I’m really thankful for time with my family like this. This is what I thought of when I imagined one day having kids.

(365 Day 88 Photo)

And I’m thankful for my husband, the man behind the crank.

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