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This is what I’ve been listening to lately.   I have a special place in my heart for Wilco and Jeff Tweedy side projects.  I’m convinced Kamera and I’m the Man Who Loves You were written for my enjoyment, and mine alone.  It’s fine if the rest of you like it too, though.  This record is especially sweet, as his son is accompanying him on drums and the whole album is pretty introspective.  It’s a lot of slow, thoughtful songs strung together, but I really like it.  Then there’s a few, like Diamond Light, where the percussion makes the song.  So, I’ve been listening to it in chunks as I drive around endlessly for family and getting all wistful.

Are you ready for endless links to music that sounds very little like this album?  Scroll on.

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Here’s where you realize I actually have no taste at all and click away.  Anyway, we have a local new and used record shop (that only took a few decades) and I am obsessed with buying Upstairs at Eric’s there and reliving my junior high/ high school memories, which weren’t very exciting, but were fueled by fun music.   It’s not a bad album, just not very much like the one I touted, above.   In fact I find the Yaz station getting a lot of play on my Pandora.  There’s not a lot of rhyme or reason behind what I do and don’t like, I just have to identify it with a certain time in my life.

Lately, when driving, I’m listening to Tweedy or Erasure’s Abba-esque.  My husband and I bought that Erasure album together when we were dating and listened to it all the time, along with Chorus.  Chorus was, to me, Erasure’s best record.  There were no real stinkers on the whole thing and it had a whole broadway musical feel sandwiched between all of the bleeps and blips.  (Stop was my favorite when I was in high school.)  My kids still remember me listening to Chorus when they were little, though it was a bit dated then.

What Pandora stations or playlists do you find yourself listening to the most?  It’s not often what I love most, just what I think I need most.  For instance, The Yaz, Erasure, or OMD (remember Electricity?) stations aren’t the greatest music I’ve ever heard, but they make running so much more fun.  Then, when I’m all moody and walking alone, I can tune into the Radiohead station.  When I take my moodiness into the kitchen, its the Aimee Mann station.  Later, if I’m boxing in the garage, it’s the Fatboy Slim station, always Fatboy Slim.

Seriously, I want to know what you guys listen to playlist- wise.

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  1. I've been listing to David Bowie almost non stop for the last year. His music and voice give me the energy that I've been lacking. Good that Koen also likes his music, otherwise he would have needed earplugs 😉

  2. I know! I now think of you when I hear a Bowie song. That's definitely a compliment. Of all the songs he's written what would you say is your favorite?

    I just love Blue Jean. You've probably seen this video:
    I have to dance like a freak when I hear it. It so takes me back to when I was a kid, like 9 or 10 and Mtv was in it's glory days. Sigh.
    I also have a real attachment to Starman, but my all time favorite is probably Ashes to Ashes. It's such a good song.

  3. I absolutely love Ashes to Ashes, and it makes me think of you because I know it's also your favorite. I also like a lot Life on Mars, Starman, Absolute Beginner, Wild is the Wind, … The list is never ending. Anyway, a good Bowie song can make me smile and dance even when I'm in the darkest of moods. And he was so handsome and tall! His voice makes me forget all my troubles.

    There are a couple of BBC shows: Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, yes like Bowie's songs. One occurs in the 70s and the other in the 80s and both are full of good music. They are bit strange but I totally recommend them. John Simm is the main character of the first. I don't know if you remember him as the Master in Doctor Who. He's such a good actor. If you're planning on watching these shows one day, please remember that Ashes to Ashes is a sequel and it has some spoilers about Life on Mars.

    We should play Bowie if we meet one day!

  4. Yes, I think we've talked about them before. I had seen Life on Mars, but still haven't checked out Ashes to Ashes. I really liked John Simm in this, as compared to the American version with Jason O'Mara (though Harvey Keitel was pretty good). The accents are very thick for me- I had to rewind a bunch- but it was a good show. I'm sure the sequel will make good knitting tv. And yes, we should listen to Bowie together! I haven't even heard his last album.

  5. I algo have more troubles understanding English accents than Americans. Indeed Ray and Chris had quite thick accents!

    I have heard Bowie's last album but I have to confess that I've listened to his old songs a lot more.

  6. Abba-esque! Haven't thought about that one in many many years but now I need to dig for it. Love the new Tweedy and heard a great interview on NPR that he did with his son. I have been putting lots of random songs on my "music for knitting" Spotify playlist. Everything from Pixies to Prince (Purple Rain is especially appropriately dramatic when having to tink back)

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