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Knitter’s Equivalent to Emotional Eating

I cast on for the Kollabora Sockalong and started working in magic loop.  Then I remembered Elena’s post about her sock recipe and how she worked this pattern toe up.  I’d wanted to try that, but I’m not starting over.

My second pair of socks ever were toe-up and two-at-a-time.  It was a whole bunch of firsts for me: first Ravellenics, first toe-up, first two-at-a-time magic loop, and first socks to enjoy knitting.

 For this one I’ll just stick with the pattern.  You can see the striping is already taking shape.  I worked on these after we helped our daughter move into her dorm.  She was very organized with the packing and it took maybe 45 minutes to unload, clean up, hang photos, etc.  Then we left her to eat with her friends.   I came home and consoled myself with these.

Then I did another knitterly thing that is the equivalent of emotionally eating an entire cake- I cast on another sweater… in sport weight… to try and finish in time for the Summer Sweater Knitalong.  Look, I needed comfort.  It’s a  Knickerbocker Tee in hometown colors for Friday nights and football season is upon us.

I’m excited about how lightweight the Comfy Sport is feeling.  Since I’ve been cramming two  things on the needles at once lately, I decided to knit the shaped front and back shirttail hem of this sweater  on the same needle with separate balls of yarn.  Then, when it’s time to join them in the round, I can just start knitting them together.  It’s a mess.  As I’m writing this I realize that we have to extract honey from our beehive today or tomorrow if we’re ever going to do it this year.  It’s the only weekend we’ll have free for months and, of course, the honey flow will be over very soon.  We planned to be completely lazy this weekend, but it’s just one afternoon’s work for one hive, not too bad.  It is 100 degrees and we’ll be in bee suits, getting honey everywhere… Ahhh!  Excuse me, while I go knit, emotionally.

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  1. Tomorrow is when I take my son to move into his dorm so I will definitely be doing some emotionally knitting when we get home. I may need to cast on a huge blanket for comfort!!

  2. Ha!! That's perfect. Blessings to your son and to you. As strange as it felt to leave her there, I was really excited for her too.

  3. I made an account in Kollabora some time ago but left it there unused. I should give it a second chance! I hope your socks come out fine 🙂

    So you have a beehive! So nice to be able to eat your own honey. I'd love that 🙂

  4. Every time I read your blog I think about how you should be on Kollabora, Elena. You are a multi-crafter and they have lots of sew-along type things going on over there.
    We extracted the honey yesterday, whew! I'm going to render beeswax this year, so that will be interesting.

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