It’s That Time Again

(my 365 day 43 photo, red cabbage)

It’s here. Time to plant for Spring. I was checking out my little patch of garden yesterday and was surprised by how full and cabbagey the cabbages looked. I only planted a few for a small crop, but they were the real deal. The green ones, that is, the red just look like pretty ornaments.

But they’re about to be eaten and we just had our last freeze (fingers crossed here, because I hate covering plants with sheets in the cold more than getting wire coat hangers all hooked together in my closet,) so it’s time to get our summer garden going.
And, like every prepared and thoughtful gardener this time of year, I’m planning out my plots on a scrap of paper or napkin in the space of time it takes to pick up the kids from school.

The plan is:
get kids,
get home,
get snack,
get paper scrap blueprint,
get a little compost from dark, scary corner of back yard,
get forceful (they just don’t realize how much they like the garden yet,)
and go crazy planting.

I’m doing the no till method (no, not because I’m a slacker) so I’m just going to add some compost to my little plots and maybe some fertilizer. (Yeah, I know organic and all, but we’re all tired of stepping over the triple 13 in the garage from 2 years ago that I wouldn’t use. And I’m not going to waste it. Besides, after 2 years of all natural gardening, the soil is still not as rich and fertile as we’d like. There, that’s my dirty little secret.)
So, I’ve just got to get in there and do it, because I have to make supper, walk the dogs, catch up on my Bible study, go over the budget with my husband, block a sweater, and pick camp sites to reserve. See, I’m not really a slacker.

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