Ikea Sofa Slipcover Giveaway

Chances are, you have arrived at this page today because you’re looking up Ikea sofa hacks and followed a link.  See, I pay attention to blog stats.  I have a previous tufting experiment on here, but have recently tufted my Karlstad in a velvet slipcover from Comfort Works.

Though it will be a few more days before my full review of the covers and a tufting tutorial will be up on the blog, I thought I’d let you know about a photo competition hosted by ComfortWorks for a slipcover set valued at $300.  My experience with this company has been good, so I thought I’d tell you about this opportunity.

All you have to do is “Like” their Facebook page and enter the contest on their Facebook page.  The contest runs until February 10th.

(image via ComfortWorks Facebook page)
 (image via ComfortWorks Facebook page)
ComfortWorks is a small company specializing in handmade slipcovers for Ikea furniture.  I had no idea anyone made velvet covers for my sofa when I bought it.  a velvet tufted sofa was what I wanted, but pets and kids sort of dictated that I needed to do something less expensive with a slipcover.  So we bought an Ikea sofa and I settled for tufting the covers that came with it.
Below is a sneak peek of my current ComfortWorks sofa project.  I’ll have a full review up in a few days, along with a tufting tutorial.  Oh, these velvet covers are so nice.
(image via ComfortWorks Facebook page)

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  1. Hi Michelle, I'm not much for contemporary furniture but love the idea of changing stuff up. I'm considering changing the fabric on the chairs and small sofa in the living room. Not sure what to go with yet. You're very clever to do the tufting. I love that look. Bet it's going to look great. 🙂

  2. The tufting did turn out really nice, Veronica, and thank you. Getting stuff upholstered is a great way to change a room, but seems like so much trouble! We took a chair and ottoman to one man who repaired and upholstered really well, but it took forever. I think places that do big jobs, like restaurants and office buildings give good prices, but put small jobs on hold as they get bigger clients. We were okay without the chair for months, but I was a little nervous because it had been my great-grandmother's. He did do it for a quarter of the price another place quoted, so we were okay with it.
    Having said that, I stop at tufting. I wouldn't have the nerve to reupholster a piece by myself. :). Good luck with yours!

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