Image of the I-Cord neckline detail of my Heritage sweater.


Heritage, designed by Alina Schneider, is complete!  Stitches were ripped and compromises made, but I did it and the fit is perfect.  Like the other designs I have knitted from Alina, this pattern was very well written.  And the finished sweater was intriguing enough to keep me going, even after I realized I was running out of yarn.

I love the unusual, geometric look of ribbing at the sides.  I envisioned mine as being a little more oversized than it appears to be, but I haven’t blocked it for width yet.  An aggressive block could probably get it to swing out a little bit at the ribbing.  I wanted to see how I liked it “as is” first, and I really do like this fit.  Honestly, it looks better without schleppy jeans like these, but whatever, this is what you’re getting.  If you want to see more, or less, fitted versions, check out the projects page on this design.  It looks great both ways, but I prefer loose.

Here’s my sweater story:  I used US size 2.5 needles to get a slightly wider gauge and Madelinetosh 80/10/10 sport in non-superwash.  It is the Heron’s Wing colorway, a nice tonal grey  I got sick of looking at it after I had to re-knit the body, but now that it is finished, I magically love it again.

Originally, I was knitting the medium size and it would have produced a very oversized version of this sweater.  However, once I was almost finished with the body, I realized I wouldn’t have enough yarn for sleeves- not even three-quarter sleeves.  I debated for a day or so, then ripped it all back and started over, knitting a size small.  Since my gauge often loosens, as I work on a project, I let it loosen and figured it would give me enough ease.  It did.  This is comfortable and loose, with the ability to be blocked even looser.

Modifications:  My only modifications were to use one less stitch than was required for the I-Cord bind offs and I knit three-quarter length sleeves.  I might could have eeked out full sleeves, then stretched them with blocking, but it didn’t seem worth the bother.  Also, that grey was wearing on me.

Here’s my photo story:  I got to visit my daughter and son-in-law last weekend.  We were all so wiped out from our various school, work, volunteer activities that we just hung out and ate a lot of good food together.  No trails and such this time, but that’s alright with me.  I miss them so much that good conversation was just what I needed.

If you haven’t knit any of Alina’s designs from her shop, The Gift of Knitting, you gotta get on that.   She just released a collection with Junko Okamoto for Moeke Yarns that is fantastic.  This sweater is part of that collection, as is Wheat.  I want to knit Wheat pretty bad, but am holding out for some of that rustic Moeke yarn to do it right.

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This is my third finished knit for the Brooklyn Knitfolk Hipster KAL, which is about to end.  I actually think I’m going to finish four projects for that one KAL, but two were just quickie hats.

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