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Fireside Pullover and Almost Camping

Remember how I dealt with envy when reading Within?  Well, I now have part of the makings of an outdoorsy, campfire, cozy story of my own.  This is Jane Richmond‘s Fireside Pullover.  Love!

Once I had my sweater finished, I planned to wear it on a joint camping trip with my daughter and son-in-law, but severe thunderstorms put an end to that plan.  I was almost there!

Honestly, we planned to bring both of our dogs and a makeshift pen for when they aren’t in the Pop-up or on the leash, so it may have been for the best that we stay home and chilled.  We’ve never brought our dogs camping and I’m sure it would be chaotic.  The new one, our Big Ethel, is a handful.  I just finished giving her an emergency bath because she ran and slid underneath the garage door as it was almost closed, ran to the neighbors drainage ditch and got into a dead possum, at least that’s what I think it was.  So, I know what I’m saying when I say that new things aren’t easy with the dogs in tow.  All talk of possum corpses aside, isn’t this a lovely sweater?

So I’ve been knitting with the Within Knits group on Ravelry and Instagram and getting tons of inspiration.  When I saw Kelly’s Fireside in her podcast, my resolve not to buy yarn until my birthday weakened and I bought some Cascade Eco in a Craftsy sale.  I already had one skein at home, so it was a really affordable knit, making a yarn purchase a wise thing… I said to myself as I clicked away with glee.  Then, I decided to get a few more to knit a Hudson shawl for my grandmother… and one for me.  So, not the beacon of frugality I intend to be, but can you blame me?  These patterns!!

Details:  I used size US 6 circulars to knit the 34″ sweater.  I’m a 35″ bust , so this had a bit of negative ease, like the model’s in the book.  After looking at all of the finished versions, this was the fit I preferred.

The construction is unpredictable.  Knitting the collar made me think of the first time I turned a heel on a sock.  It was one thing, then suddenly it was another- like magic.  Really cool.

Being bulky, it knit up super fast.  I could’ve knit it in a week, easily.  I didn’t , because of Christmas knitting and socks, socks, socks, but I could’ve.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like it in a dark brown, but I already had that one skein in this color, so I got two more to go with it.  As I worked, I could see that the rib is chunky enough to be clear in any color of yarn.  Plus, if I’m going to knit in a dark color, I’d prefer it be a quick, interesting knit.

Strangely enough, I didn’t use the third skein at all.

I love Cascade Eco.  I don’t know if it’s the most natural, fair trade yarn out there.  I’m not as knowledgable about those things as I’d like to be.  However, I do know that it’s not been through the superwash process, is undyed, smells sheepy, and comes from Peru, a country dear to my heart, (Some of my mission photos are herehere and here.  I haven’t posted on it much, but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of.)

Eco Wool is also the kind of natural wool anyone can afford to knit with.  There is something to be said for a company that produces yarn within everyone’s means.

(more on ravelry, kollabora, instagram and flickr)

So, I’ve already finished a Hudson, but would like to make another one for myself.  Hopefully I’ll get some photos this weekend.  Then, I want to knit a Timber cardiganin stash yarn.  Have you guys queued up anything from Within?  Or maybe you’ve finished something.  Please link to it in your comment.  I’d love to see it!

Oh, and I just saw that the Grocery Girls are doing a Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook-themed knit-along, the BFF KAL, at the beginning of the year.  Guys, you should totally join.

My other post on this knit is here.

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