Image of my Murder of Crows sweater in progress: a textured assigned pooling yoke sweater.

Episode 57: Famous Last Words

This one is where I excuse all my knitting plan lies with a test knit- but a what a test knit it is!

This is where I post the eleventy billionth knitting podcast.

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instagram @mysocalledhandmadelife

ravelry as mamatronic

flickr also as mamatronic

My question for you: How are you feeling about sharing your creative pursuits online? Do you still blog or instagram? Is the internet too revenue focused for you? How has the nature of sharing crafting skills changed to you- for better or worse? And what blogs did you once follow earlier in the 2000s? So many questions!!

Stuff I mention in Episode 57: 

This Handmade Life Sock stuff I did do:

My At the Vicarage socks by This Handmade Life:

in Herbstblatt Regina Oak base, discontinued:

Sweet Woodruff also by This Handmade Life:

knit in Miss Mothballs, Blooming Sage- discontinued:

To knit Kindred Spirits by This handmade Life:

maybe in Miss Mothballs too.

Katrinkles Socks Rule! Sock Ruler:

Summer knit stuff:

Raw-tee by Lone Kjeldson:

in Lindy Chain Turmeric:

Mae pullover by Andrea Mowry:

knit in Berroco Remix Light, in Juniper:

Frankie Bucket Hat by Toni Lipsey:

in Berroco Farro, in Earth:

from Hill Country Weavers:

My RecycleReknitRemake Vest:

on instagram: 

knit in Wool of the Andes Worsted flagstone:

and Dirty Water Dyeworks Clara:

Sara’s beautiful Eastwood Cardigan:

Dresden Beret by Tara-Lynn Morrison:

knit inToshVintage in Mare:

Good Night Day Vol. 3 preorder:

Barker Wool stuff:

Murder of Crows Sweater by Dawn Barker testers so far:

In her BFL Fingering base, Steadfast and Nightfall:

That incredible yellow sweater sneak peek:

Dawn’s Jawbreaker sweater with instructions on making jawbreaker ball:

Glide Shawl by Dawn Barker:

Possible Floriculture sweater by Dawn Barker:

to knit in Barker Wool Fern, colors In High Feather and Boro

Knitting neck lamp:

Gift blankie:

Granny Stripe Blanket by Attic24:

in Two of Wands Lion Brand Color Theory, Caper and Admiral:

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