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Dark Garden

Some more evening pictures in my yard.  Lately, I think my neighbors are used to the sound of our screen door slamming and the sight of me, just before the sun goes down, scurrying outside with my feet half in my shoes, rooting around for something to photograph, calling out, “Hang on.  Let me take this picture.” to the kids. 
 Sometimes it’s a flower, sometimes a bit of rust, or a bit of me…   But once a subject, or color, or shape is settled on, it really is fun to play with light and focus.   I could view it as practice for the big events: trips, family celebrations, purposeful portraits, graduations…  But I think these little bits of stuff I record, when pieced together,  are an event in their own right.  They are little sketches of us.
Who we are.  
How we live.  
How we find things, and how we leave them.  
And this blog is like my sketchpad full of doodles. 
(dark lavender, day 55
 (lavender, on my Flickr

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