Three Rivers Around My Neck

This is a little piece of Three Rivers, CA, where we stayed on vacation.  I found both the yarn and the “Morning Surf” pattern in a little yarn shop close to our campground called Creekside Yarns.   I say little, but as yarn shops go, it is loaded with every brand I’ve ever heard of or yearned for.  I could have spent the day (previous such experiences have led my family and friends to call them “yawn” shops.)  However, I saw the look of fear in my children’s eyes as we pulled in, and I was on a budget anyway, so I just stayed long enough to purchase a few small traveling projects and chat with the lovely Beate as she wound a skein for me and printed up some patterns from Ravelry for me.

 This Araucania yarn is spun from sugar cane and is so silky smooth I felt rich just knitting it.  But it only took one skein to make this pattern, which is great because I’m not rich. 🙂  The pattern was repetitious but all the wrapping kept it fun through a Closer marathon.

This is a very wearable, very graphic knit for Texas’ climate.  And the lovely colors are a fitting souvenir of the California coastline.   More pattern specs on my Ravelry.

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  1. Justine

    you are clever! it looks great

  2. Michelle

    Thank you, Justine. Good patterns make it easy.

  3. m✩e

    I've never even seen that yarn shop up there.
    Did you at get to hit up Reimers ice cream shop? Best sweets ever! =)

  4. Michelle

    Mon, No we didn't! I don't know why. My son wanted to and I thought we would, but we just seemed to be gone most of the time. Wish we had.

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