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Week 3- Addictive Lace

I’m going to go ahead and post Week 3’s progress for the Holla Knits knitalong because I may just mow right through week 4’s goal over the weekend.

I forced myself to concentrate and really “get” this lace pattern for two repeats.   No music, no tv, no talking, just a very quiet house late one night.  Then, I closed my ipad and made myself work from memory.  Once I got it, it was very hard to put down.  This is what other people, who don’t share this obsession, can’t fathom: how manipulating string with sticks can be so engrossing.  They think we’re really listening to them when they talk about other stuff.  They have no clue that as we nod our heads or pass the butter we’re really just thinking about a work-in-progress- how we’ll wear/use it, how to solve a problem we may be having with it, or how antsy we are to get through the sleeves.   Silly non-knitters.  Don’t they know we can only be semi-present at all times?

(more on my flickr and ravelry)

The color in this photo is more accurate than the one I posted to instagram.  I can’t stop looking at it with a goofy smile on my face… so… pretty…

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  1. Ha ha! Yes! Truth for sure. I'm always thinking about projects. I looove when I finally get the lace pattern repeat and can just run with it. I'm making a (super-secret) shawl for my mom right now and have really enjoyed the process.

    It's beautiful. That lace looks incredibly complex!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie, but it really isn't once you do a repeat or two. I've not knit much lace until recently so this is a fairly new obsession, but so perfect for summer knits. Can't wait to see your finished shawl (another thing I've not tried.)

  3. I'm late to this post but had to comment to agree that yes yes yes this semi-presence is soooooo true – I'm currently obsessing about the yarn I ordered and what I plan to knit with it as well as working on my current WIP while ALSO considering techniques to apply to improve the next queued project.

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