Image of a geometric planter I filled with curving, draping cacti.

First Person Maker: Vintage Succulent Planters

Welcome to my backyard that is very much “in process!” Today I’m creating indoor succulent gardens in my newest obsession: vintage planters that I have been searching for in thrift stores and online. My obsession with these unique, yet affordable, mid-century planters has been brewing for a while. Join me as I share a bit about how I identify them and how I use them.

My planting methods aren’t very scientific but they’ve never failed me. Plus, the birds were singing like crazy and it was a beautiful afternoon for a potting session.

Image of a geometric UPCO planter filled with long, trailing cacti.

For more info on how you can find cool vintage planters like these, check out my post on finding unique mid-century planters, identifying them, and sourcing cheap plants for them. I give lots of tips for identifying name brand pieces, but also ideas of how to make do with what you can find locally. Happy hunting!

Image of all of my planters, newly filled and lined up on my patio as I decide where to put them.

Source affordable succulents with me!

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