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Bowdoin Hat

Bowdoin, by Laura McDougal, was my other Holla Knits Summer Knit-along project.  I can’t believe I finished two.  I think this is the best weight of hat for where I live.  It’s airy and light and wouldn’t necessitate me taking it off every time I get in the car or walk into a building during the winter.   It would be much more like an accessory instead of just being a necessity.

It was also a lot of fun to knit up!  I used size 2 needles and Tosh Sock in Jade.  I so love this colorway.   I didn’t make any modifications, but for the next one I knit, I will.  I can’t knit finely with fingering weight yarn, which gives me a larger, slouchy hat.  That’s a good look, but I feel like I can’t see the tilted blocks motif as well because of it.  So, for my second hat, I’ll probably reduce stitches and maybe leave off the last pattern repeat.  Like I said, it still looks good, like other slouchy hats I’ve knit, but check out Cheryl’s mustard colored Bowdoin to see how it could look if I was just a normal knitter.  Ah, to be a normal knitter.

This selfie is the pits, as only selfies with hats can be, but you can see enough of the tilted blocks stitch pattern.  This is the kind of project I like to work on between lengthy sweater projects.  It’s quick and lets me use that much coveted yarn I can usually only afford in single skeins.  It also leaves me lots of extras for that sock scrap blanket.

(on ravelry, kollabora, instagram, and flickr)

Laura has another really cute, classic hat pattern, Setauket, inspired by Turn.  I’d like to get a natural tweed, like she used, for that one.  It’s the kind of thing I could just tack onto a Knit Picks order sometime.  Turn is one on Netflix I haven’t seen yet, but have wanted to try.

But the knit I really, really want to knit of Laura’s is Rolling Thunder.  I want to knit it in Cotlin, in really groovy colors.  I think the Cotlin will extend the amount of time I can wear it.  I’m trying to move to cotton blends from so much wool, but it’s really hard.  Everything knits up easier in wool.

I gotta say, it feels good to get so many things off the needles after it seeming like nothing was moving for weeks and weeks.  So, what are you guys casting on for Fall?  Stuff you need, or stuff you want?

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