You are currently viewing Episode 48: Summer Knits Roundup

Episode 48: Summer Knits Roundup

I edited and edited to make my jumble of thoughts more coherent. Then I gave up. Have fun decoding, friends. Also, I look just a bit disheveled, but consider it quarantine fashion.

on my blog:
on Instagram as @mysocalledhandmadelife
on Ravelry as mamatronic

My questions for you: 1) How has your thinking changed due to quarantine, any lifestyle changes you’ve made or want to make?
2) Have you experienced Imposter Syndrome or something similar? How did/ do you work through it?

Article on Imposter Syndrome:
One of my vintage bikes:
Carson Demers Knitting Comfortably:
@Blueshineart instagram painting challenge:
Lovely Bicycle:

LB Handknits:
Song and Dance:
Fisherman’s Muse:

#NutidenFuse KAL

My Color Craze by Tamy Gore:
in A Homespun House Rustic Minis:
and Hawthorne Silverton:
Also by Tamy Gore -Milu:
Minis and Me:
Sweet Soul:

The Endless:
Movie knitting- Smooth Operator socks in Wood Pigeon:
in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature  4 Ply from Woolly Thistle:

Woolly Thistle 52 Weeks of Socks KAL

Doomsday Knits by Alex Tinsley:
Fennec by Sharon Fuller:
Ditch the Tech by Jennette Cross:
Bulletproof by Alexandra Virgiel:
Oryx by Jennifer Dassau:

Summer Tops:
Lacy Sweater “Villanelle”:
knit in Berroco Remix Light:
Zelda Crop by Handmade Closet:
A Summer weight Love Note Sweater by Tin Can Knits:
Into the Wild by Alexandra Tavel:
Argil by Clare Lakewood:
Ginkgophyte by Emily Greene:
DanDoh patterns:
like Shaina by Yumiko Alexander:
Elemental Dolman:

Golden Willow by Lesley Anne Robinson:
in Stroll Tonal colors- Inverness, Thunderhead, and Eucalyptus:
Float Tote by Knitty Natty:
in Lion Brand Re-Up yarn:
Yarn Cozy Lite:

Fun TikToks cause what else are we gonna do?:

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