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The Summer Sweater Knitalong wrapped up this week I felt like I had fully reveled in group knitting of winter stuff.  Thank you, Shannon and everyone in the Luvinthemommyhood Ravelry group!

After working so hard on those projects I felt like relaxing and doing some fast knits to give instant gratification and to use up the growing piles of yarn.  After making the Markham and Belleville, it was time to be silly.

Since we’re going to a Comic Con with my brother for his birthday this weekend, I thought I’d make some appropriate headgear.  Forget that it’s sweltering in Texas; I’ve wanted to go to one of these since seeing Trekkies in the 90’s, and I’m commemorating it.

his and hers Jayne Hats 
the begininngs of Star Puffs

The fact that Carrie Fisher was supposed to make an appearance made it perfect.  Star Wars was our thing when we were growing up.   It was the first movie I ever saw and it loomed large in my childhood.  We have the action figures to prove it.  (My children grew up handling them as if they were holy relics, never mixing my guns with theirs, very careful with the ones that had wobbly heads.  They understood these things.)

Who better for us to sit in on celebrity panels with than the brother who has indulged me in long conversations and gripe sessions about various sci-fi shows since childhood?  I swear we should be script doctors.

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  1. Katie Canavan

    I LOVE those Jayne hats, and can't wait to see the Leia hair!!

  2. MichelleCarter

    Thanks, Katie. It was just a coincidence that I had Lion wool in the Jayne colors. I waited til the last minute on the Leia hat so I'll be making it on the way.

  3. Elena Knits

    The hero of Canton!!! You should make pictures of yourselves at the Comic Con!

  4. britt

    now i get the hat reference (i had to click the link). i love the few episodes of that show that i have seen. i especially love the nathan fillion (he has a great nose). have fun at comic con!

  5. Vanessa

    I'm dying for pictures. 😀 Have fun!

  6. Rachel Yeng

    Hey Michelle, found your blog via IKEA Hackers! Was wondering if you were interested in doing a sofa slipcover project with us? We have a fabric that strives on tough love so it may be fitting for you and your cat 😉 I'm contactable via . Cheers!

  7. MichelleCarter

    I had an excellent time, Britt! Firefly is one of my favorite shows and yes, Nathan does have a great nose.

  8. MichelleCarter

    Your wish is my command. I posted about the Con today. 🙂

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