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Episode 50: So Much Hue and Me


Episode 50: So Much Hue & Me is where I show a LOT of Alexandra Tavel projects I’ve knit over the last two years.

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My question for you: What changes have happened in your life over the last year or so?

Stuff I talk about in Episode 50:

A year full of Alexandra Tavel projects, knit in Lion Brand’s Hue and Me yarn, except where noted.

Alexandra Tavel’s site:

Campfire Blanket Scarf:

knit in Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool:

Harvest Throw:

Illusionist Infinity Scarf:

Seafarer’s Cap:

Sophie Bucket Hat:

Knit in Go for Faux yarn:

Easton Striped Pullover:

Keaton Vest:

Crossbody Canteen Bag:

Knit in Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton:

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