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Summer Sweater, So Far…

This is my Campus Jacket, a pattern by Amy Christoffers.  I’ve been wanting something toggled and tweedy for winter, and when I saw that Webs had just enough of one Campus colorway left on sale to make this, I went with it.

(I’ve never knitted a real pocket before.)
The pattern is named after the yarn, but honestly, it makes me think of that idealized image of a fresh faced, college girl, like something Ali MacGraw would wear across the commons or what Felicity Porter would pace back and forth in as she rambles into her tape recorder.   I don’t know, it’s possible I could make it look like something a housefrau with a center part wears over her pajamas to schlep about in with her cats, but let me dream…
The colorway is Leatherbound, and very Fall.  It’s making me want to move north, actually.

I decided to squeeze most of my Summer Sweater Knit Along knitting in between refurbishing my living room and the Ravellenics.  It’s coming along so fast, however, that I may be finishing it completely before the games even begin.   I like the purl bind off edges where the ribbing joins the body and at the back yoke.  They have a homespun look and add some structure.

(my Ravelry and Flickr)

Speaking of Felicity, I found Sweater of Felicity, which cracks me up, because as a knitter, I did sit through a few seasons of the show while plugging away at my Owls sweater, and found myself pausing netflix, not to absorb deep content or symbolism, (it is Felicity) but to get a better look at one of her oversized sweaters, like this.

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